Monday, May 5, 2014

Big News (Allison is still NOT pregnant)

We do have big news to share with you. Since you already know that we are not having a baby, the big news is that we will not be continuing as Cadence missionaries beyond this summer. In the last three years, God has blessed David with the opportunities and experiences of serving the military community through Cadence International.  David has also been enjoying his HQ position as the Administrative Assistant to the CFO, but this position will be changed in the new fiscal year. In addition to the obvious need for HQ to hire an IT person with different qualifications, David has felt a strong desire to pursue a different role in missions. He has been reviewing and researching the positions within missions for technical and mechanical service. David knows that God has gifted him with mechanical skills and other unique problem-solving abilities. We believe that God is leading us to pursue a different area of ministry with a need for the mechanical and technical skill set that God gave David. David has been in conversation with an organization that needs licensed airplane mechanics to service planes providing transportation to missionaries through remote areas. Although David is skilled mechanically, he does not have the specific training and licensing required by the FAA to work as an airplane mechanic. We are currently applying to a missions organization that offers an apprenticeship training which would prepare David to pass the required testing to receive the FAA license as an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. We hope David can begin this training within the calendar year. 

What does all this mean? I'll try to condense what we've been praying about and thinking through for the last few months. David's current position is ending this summer. We have decided not to pursue candidacy with Cadence as full-time missionaries. David is applying for an apprenticeship or degree in A&P mechanics to serve as an aviation mechanic with a mission organization. We have met with a recruiter from one particular organization to find out what specific qualifications David will need. We will be moving out of Colorado once we know at which school David will be receiving training. We don't know where, when, or how God will accomplish what this transition requires but we are confident he will be faithful to provide and reveal what he asks of us at just the right time. 

Pray with and for us:
That God's direction will continue to be clear, one step at a time
That we will be faithful in the small things and fully committed to our current work until God redirects us
That we will be patient with God's timing
That God will open our neighbors heart's to the gospel
That we will not forget the generosity of God's people and God's tremendous provision

Praise God with us:
For our developing relationships with our neighbors
For the way God is changing the lives of children through his Word at our church
For his clear direction to pursue aviation mechanics
For unity and faith in pursuing the known and the unknown about our future
For providing for our extended families
For God's provision to make multiple part-time jobs meet our needs and allow us to give back to Him
Our karaoke duet at the Youth Retreat in March