How to Join the Cause

Your role in the cause of Jesus Christ is just as vital and significant as our role. It begins the same way God called David and I each to begin a relationship with him through Jesus Christ (See There and Back Again: Our Journey). God created every person to be in relationship with him as his masterpiece, his carefully sculpted instrument, his son and heir (Eph 2:10, 2 Timothy 2:20-21, Jeremiah 18, & Galatians 4:4-7). We are the ones who chose rebellion and broke the relationship. Our lives are filled with sin from the first moment we lie to our parents or selfishly take a toy from our siblings. Even babies know how to throw a good temper tantrum out of pure selfishness and self-pity or pride. You don't think so? Spend time with a four-month old who screams and will not be satisfied or a two-year old who pouts every time you tell them "no". I've seen it in every niece or nephew in my family. I've seen it in myself. Our sin separates us from the love and purity of God. He is holy and untainted by selfishness or pride. He cannot welcome us into his holy presence with sinful filth covering our hearts and minds. He is also just and fair; anyone who sins rightfully has earned the guilty sentence for their actions. God's character requires justice be done. Wouldn't we want the same for an injustice done against us? Yet, God is also merciful and gracious. He did require justice for our sins; he required it of himself. Jesus Christ is God: holy, righteous, without sin. Jesus Christ also became a human: fully man and fully God. In his human nature, Jesus Christ lived perfectly without sin. Seems impossible, right? Not for God. His sinless life allowed him to pay for our sins. This is how God required justice be done. Someone was punished; Jesus Christ bore the full condemnation and wrath for our sins, yours, mine, and the sin of the whole world. God knew that we would not be able to avoid his judgment. Even our attempts to make up for sin or live a better life cannot outweigh the fact that we earned judgment. Each sin we have committed earned our death. It only takes one... Even the good and righteous things we do cannot overturn the fact that we earned a guilty sentence. If someone committed a heinous crime against your family, would you want to see them let out on parole for "good" behavior? God did not let the crimes you and I have committed just slide; pardon was not good enough. God paid for every sin that was ever committed with the death of his Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus received our punishment. In the Bible, it is called a substitute. As a friend of mine said, we all know what a substitute teacher is... Jesus is your substitute: where you deserved punishment, he took it. When you should have died, he died in your place. Because Jesus was God and man, he could die in the place of all humans who have or will ever live.  This is truth that blows my mind. There is one more thing. Just like a substitute teacher is called in when a teacher needs them, Jesus died to pay for our sins but his death only acts as our substitute when we ask for it. We must believe that Jesus is both God and man and that his death on the cross was necessary to pay for our sin. Grace is a gift that is completely undeserved. Nothing about who we are or what we have done earns this gift. Just like any gift though, the recipient must accept the gift to receive the benefit. What is required of us?
We must believe:
1. God desires a relationship with us
2. We are sinners and need to be saved from judgment
3. We cannot earn our way into God's favor
4. Jesus Christ died in our place and was raised from the dead.  Jesus Christ's death and resurrection is the only way we can be saved from God's judgment.
5. We received life and peace with God when we believe in Jesus Christ

Once you accept the gift of grace, God's gives you eternal life and becomes your Father, Counselor, and friend.  We pray that you will accept this gift if you have not already. We praise God for the family and friends we know are also a part of God's family. 
Our cause is to make sure everyone we know or come in contact with learns about this amazing gift of grace: guilt that is pardoned, debt that has been paid, sin and death defeated, and life abundantly provided for everyone through Jesus Christ.

How can you partner with us and support what God is doing?
  1. You can pray for MMS Aviation and our involvement with them.
  2. You can pray for our marriage, our relationships, and our lives to bring glory to God.
  3. You can become a financial partner in this ministry God is using to take the gospel to all the nations. (Matt 28:19-20)
  4. You can invite your church and your friends who know God to hear about this ministry opportunity God has given us.  Post a comment and we will contact you.

  • Financial donations are tax deductible provided they are made to MMS Aviation. 

  • Please state to whom the donation is preferenced : David and Allison DeJong.

  • MMS is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

Other contributions to building fund projects, office and shop equipment, Rapid Response trips and general operations also serve to support the work of MMS Aviation.

mms_5-5-14001001.jpgYou can send a personal check and ministry partnership pledge form to:    

MMS Aviation
PO Box 1118
Coshocton, OH  43812-6118

or you can download a form to set up an Electronic Funds Transfer for recurring donations by clicking here.

You may also follow this link to donate online with credit card:

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